Friday, September 26, 2008

Watching the debate

Wow, I'm incredibly impressed with McCain - he managed to use every single tag line that he has in his (limited) arsenal, including his shout-out to his VP-nominee without answering the question! Way to go, John!

I'm pretty disappointed that McCain has not provided a single specified answer to any of the questions. Obama has done his fair share of question dodging for the sake of platform promotion, but at least he's provided some specifics. Sigh.

The numbers on CNN's "Analyst Scorecard" are really interesting. As of this moment (9:46EST), Obama's numbers are pretty damn high. Even the staunch conservatives at the analyst table are panning McCain...

BAM - Obama just served McCain for his lame attack re: the defense spending bill. It's starting to get ugly down in Ol' Miss...

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