Monday, July 28, 2008


Painting the dining room today. Not the whole thing - just the 3ft space below the chair rail. The area above the chair rail is beige (the label on the paint cans left in the garage by the previous owners says "antique white"), while the chair rails and other borders are just plain old white (probably "snowflake" or some other lame moniker).

The color I'm painting, you ask?

"Cranberry bog"


Hubby picked it out from the 10 colors I offered (which were, admittedly, pretty similar). He likes it, and he dictated that the color was to be plum or maroon or something. If it makes him happy, I'm good with it.

Off to commune with a paint brush!!

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Sue said...

cranberry bog... makes me think of the muddy colour on the bottom of the field when the bog is drained, or the green wet bedraggled beat up look the berry bushes have as the bog drains, or maybe or the polka dotty colour of the berries when they float on the surface...

I do not think of nice cranberry colour... simply because of the word "bog" ~ we've them by the acre up here, and they are nasty when "Bogged"