Friday, June 6, 2008

Where did May go?

So I just realized that May completely passed me by without a single post.


Where the hell was I?!?!
So anyways, we're about to buy a house. The day is nearly upon us - 16 June is the day I sign my life over for a ridiculous sum of money to purchase the home that (hopefully) my children will grow up in.

Considering I've already been through this "signing your life over" thing once (thx, USN), I figure this won't be as terrifying as everyone keeps telling me it will be.

Just in case, however, I will be baking cookies this weekend to help me cope. I figure I can justify 2-3 cookies per box that I pack. Now I just need to decide: chocolate chip or snickerdoodles??



Sue said...

and now, June is gone too, as it half the year of 2008...

where ARE YOU??

heh... (hugs)


Jata said...

That... is an excellent question. ;)

Currently, I'm sitting at the kitchen table, scarfing down some Cheerios before running upstairs to fix my hair for work. Then it's off on my hour commute to the office.

I promise I'll try to throw out an update tonight!!

*hangs head in shame*