Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hubby just came up with a brilliant marketing and counter-insurgency idea. Ever heard of the Annoy-a-tron on ThinkGeek? We've got a new tool that has this sucker beat.

Do you have coworkers that make you crazy?

Are those pesky insurgents holing up in your village and need to be exterminated?

Is your mother-in-law or that good-for-nothing ex-significant other constantly dropping by unannounced?

Well, your troubles are over. Just purchase your very own noisemaker! Cloned from day care-tested toddlers, these tiny wonders are sure to clear a room in record time. Simply provide these amazing feats of nature with some sugar, stand back and enjoy the show!

As an added bonus, these noisemakers also come with a variety of smells and bodily functions for you to choose from in case you have a particularly nasty visitor. These features also prove effective when combined with other interrogation techniques, ranging from sleep deprivation to Chinese water torture.

Call now to order your very own noisemaker! Act now - supplies are limited!

Disclaimer: Cloned children must be fed and cleaned daily. Failure to do so will result in mass hysteria, destruction of property and possible incarceration.

1 comment:

Sue said...

no need to clone, I'll send mine along just about anywheres, as long as the receiver pays the damned airfare...


you gots the teens to go yet m'girl!