Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cox Cable is terrible!!!

I've been trying to talk to my mother for the last half hour, as I know that I won't get a chance to speak with her tomorrow for Mother's Day (too much going on between visitors, lacrosse double-header and a term paper that's due). Unfortunately, she now has digital phone (they switched to one of those horrible bundle things for their cable/phone), and we were cut off FOUR TIMES. I got a tip-off each time because her voice would become digitally garbled, and then the call would drop. It happened twice while talking to her on my VoIP phone (started to think it was me!), then two more times on my cell phone. It took several minutes between calls just to stop getting her busy signal so that my call could go through. The final call lasted less than 30 seconds before it cut us off again (garbled voice upon pick-up until cut-off). Apparently my Aunt June is having similar difficulties with her recent bundled service (Mom and June both live in Tucson).

Rant for today: Cox Cable digital phone service is worthless and should not be used - EVER!

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